Meet Your Guides.

Iris Patrizia Giannoulake

Founder of Live Essences and Human Design Mentor

Hi, lovely to have you here. I’m Iris Patrizia, founder of Live Essences. You could say I’m a blend of German and Greek cultures. Which is mostly thanks to my two incredible grandmothers: Yaya, a vivacious mountain farmer from Crete who filled my summers with stories of plants and natural wisdom, and Oma, who crafted stylish dresses in Munich.

This fusion of matriarchal wisdom helped shape me into a wellness advocate who balances the natural with the modern.

A heart scare in my 30s prompted me to look for ways to improve my health. But I wanted to do it in a way that embraced both modern science and ancient traditions. What unfolded was a journey into the world of medicinal herbs, plants, and diverse health modalities with a clear focus on microbes, bacteria, and our unique genetic makeup.

I transformed not only my health but also my outlook on life. And I knew women in my age range could benefit greatly from surfacing a newfound zest. This passion for being of service led me to where I am today: a herbal alchemist and expert in Human Design and Gene Keys.

For more than 25 years I’ve been guiding and coaching women through the struggle of menopause, hormonal imbalances, ageing, parasites and gut issues. In 2014, I founded the House of Remedies, which later evolved into Live Essences. Together with Eva, we now offer online detox programs, workshops, coaching, and wellness products to guide you towards optimal health and self-understanding about your body and your unique makeup.

I educate people on the interplay between genes and microbes. By using dietary awareness and Human Design, I aim to help you decondition, embrace your radiant self, and live life with rejuvenated passion and ease in your own body. Join me on this self-discovery and be surprised by the grace that unfolds.

Eva Kartika

Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist

Hi there! I’m Eva – a certified nutritionist and lecturer on gut health based in Bali. And if you’re facing gut issues right now, I hear you. I’ve been there. My journey into detoxing and nutrition came from a personal struggle: eight long years of constipation issues and having to rely on stimulants. My system was so out of tune that my body no longer responded to whatever amount of fitness or dieting. I was in the sh*t, so to say ;).

Around me, I noticed similar struggles. Others who were also facing gut issues which caused further problems in their lives – fatigue, skin sensitivities, bloating, hormonal imbalances, and feeling disconnected from their bodies. Like me, they sought answers but found no long-term solutions.

The turning point came when I met Iris. We instantly had a deep admiration and respect for each other. She prompted me to do a parasite detox, and lo and behold a whole bunch came out. That release caused a huge positive shift. It made me look at health in a different light. Leading me to dive deep into the relationship between nutrition, detoxing, and energetics.

For me – and for many who I’ve coached since – the answer is to go back to basics with a holistic approach. To become curious about your individual rhythms and responses to what you consume beyond just food.

Since obtaining a degree from the IIN Nutrition School, I’ve guided countless companies, communities, families, and individuals. I always teach from my own experience. Whether through extended juice and water fasts, tailored nutrition programs, or detoxing of parasites.

If this sounds like you need to brace for a rocky road, let me ease your ride. Yes, detoxing can be confrontational and it can equally be a lot of fun. My aim is to bring out your curiosity. I help you question everything and come up with your own answers. In a light-hearted, holistic, and self-empowered approach that is determined to last.


What’s Live Essences?

Live Essences is a health movement. We research, guide and encourage. Passionately and lovingly. Helping you kickstart an inner revolution of ownership over your well-being. To meet your most vibrant self.

Our Way

You have the power to invite life-altering changes by being curious and taking ownership. And a little help goes a long way.

Live Essences offers group programmes, self-paced courses, private guidance, nourishing products, and informational deep dives into a wide spectrum of topics. All with a single purpose: to move you towards your highest potential in health.

We believe that improving your health, well-being, and beauty can only last if you apply a holistic approach. When it comes to our programmes and coaching, we work with a proven formula of six potent steps that encompass each part of your life. Tailored to your unique design.

Our Formula.


Levelling up how you feel inside and out starts with becoming aware. Witness, inquire and feel into what living life to the fullest could look like for you.


Here we begin embracing the belief that you are in control of your daily health choices. What do you consume? What do you nourish yourself with? And how does that affect your body, your mind, and your spirit?


With awareness comes an opportunity for simplicity. You’ll discover connections and correlations that point towards your highest self. This is where you begin to detox, eliminate, and rebuild.


Your unique design helps shape the path forward. One attuned to your inner nature and in harmony with your outer environment. You’ll learn to alchemize old habits into new ways that serve a thriving version of you.


Anchor these healthier ways of being through the support of community, nourishing practices and positive feedback loops in the form of increased creativity, vitality, and regained self-belief.


These six steps: awareness, assessment, detox, design, alchemize, and sustain will form a cyclical journey, expanded and strengthened each time.

Guest Facilitators

Detoxing is a gentle invitation to look at your life through multiple lenses. As you eliminate toxins and slow down on the journey inward, new types of nourishment can come in to bring balance to your lifestyle.

We always say that detoxing and cleanses are most effective when you apply a holistic approach. That’s why we collaborate with a wide range of guest experts who provide new insights. These are highly respected thought leaders and practitioners on topics such as emotional regulation, gut health, breathwork, mind-body connection, yoga, and many more.

All to support you on your journey to a higher quality of life.

Our Expertise.

Human Design

If you’re active in conscious communities or interested in self-development modalities you’ve likely heard of Human Design. But what is it? Human Design is a blueprint for your unique makeup. It helps people learn to love themselves, improve their self-esteem, live authentically, and act with awareness, deliberation, and courage – all through clear and concrete guidance.

Human Design gives you the information you need to start living joyfully and intentionally, to find strength and abundance so you can thrive no matter what’s going on around you. It’s a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science that shows who you are consciously and subconsciously.

Learn to leverage your energy correctly by living according to your inner authority and avoid becoming overwhelmed, in despair, and burned out.

And that also includes aligning your nutrition and your environment. In our cleanses and coaching we use Human Design – among other tools – to implement lifestyle choices that match your Human Design charts.

For some people that looks like eating at certain times to help your digestion or setting up your environment in a particular way to feel more energized. Through Human Design you shine a light on how you can better support your body, mind, and soul and feel more peaceful, energized, and empowered.

Connect with Us:

Gut Health

It’s time to get rid of digestive drama and put your gut health front and centre in your lifestyle. The term “gut microbiome” refers specifically to the microorganisms living in your intestines. You have about 300 to 500 different species of bacteria in your digestive tract. While some microorganisms are harmful to our health, many are incredibly beneficial and even necessary for a healthy body.

Over the past two decades, numerous studies have shown the link between gut health and the immune system, mood, mental health, autoimmune diseases, endocrine disorders, skin conditions, and cancer.
You can safely say your digestive system (the gut) is one of the most important organs in your body.

Unfortunately, our modern lives are not doing our guts any favours. High-stress levels, too little sleep, eating processed and high-sugar-content foods, and taking antibiotics all damage our complex gut microbiome. Down the line, this starts affecting other aspects of our health. Such as the brain, heart, immune system, skin, weight, hormone levels, ability to absorb nutrients, and even the development of cancer.

Thankfully, our bodies are incredibly resilient and responsive. Meaning if we’ve done harm to our gut, we can also undo a lot of the damage.

There are detox and nutrition programmes out there who make you take supplements and add more stuff to your system. In our Conscious Parasite Cleanses we do the exact opposite. We help you nourish your gut through the process of elimination. We believe that first taking out what doesn’t serve you and then building up healthier practices is the best path in figuring out what serves your gut and what contributes to your higher self.

Are you ready to kickstart your well-being revolution?

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What if every month we bring inspiring research, stories, recipes, and the best deals on our shop items right to your doorstep?

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Your infomation will never be shared with any third party