My intention is to share what I have learned, to inspire, to empower and ignite you.

My name is Iris. I am Greek-German. Grandmother Yaya was a full of vigour mountain farmer in a tiny village in the island of Crete. She fed my summers with wonderful stories of plants and natural wisdom.

In Munich, I used to spend hours watching grandmother Oma crafting, with engineer precision, stylish and beautiful dresses. I now find myself doing the same, with plants!

I moved to Bali in 2000, after years exploring Asia, and myself. I started launching a fashion business. My creativity sparked. I felt unstoppable!

Bali took me back to the warmth, simplicity, energising and nature-honouring lifestyle of Greece.

I realised that by reconnecting with the essence of my childhood, I was creating a new sense for my life, and looking towards an exciting future.

Today, I have put all these feelings into 5 Essences, crafted with ancient wisdom and modern techniques.

My intention is to share with you all what I have learned, and all that has brought me happiness and fulfilment, in the hope this will help you on your own journey.

Our Vision

Keep products, brand and experiences, pure and honest. A mindful business, aiming to be fully organic and 100% self-sustainable.

Live Essences is inspired by the purity and power of the natural world. We unlock nature’s healing properties creating unadulterated and healthy products.

The Product

We work with high-quality, invigorating ingredients to deliver drinks that are potent tonics, functional to cellular health. Life elixirs promoting healing, slowing ageing and balancing our body.

Rooted in ancient knowledge, our Live Essences Wellness shots are carefully prepared, never overheated and minimally processed, to preserve their abundant nutrients, vitamins and their pure, unadulterated life force energy.

Crafted from Mother Nature’s most powerful plants, our drinks are currently produced in Bali using organic, fair-trade premium ingredients, devoid of any pesticides or harmful chemicals, sourced from the foothills of Mount Batur in Bali.

Live Essences Wellness shots are processed with care with essential probiotics and vital acetic acids.

Super powerful remedies that aid digestion and boost the immune system, fight bad bacteria and leave you feeling nourished, energised and vibrantly well.