Drinks that love you back.

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Nourish, revive, boost with potent all-natural botanicals targeting gut health for maximum results.

botanical wellness shots

Our recipes and methods combine the best of modern science with ancient wisdom to activate the plants and enhance their bio-availability.

Our range of wellness drinks

Live Essences wellness shots are 100% chemical free, made with blends of herbs, fruit and wild roots rich in natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

All ingredients are matched to complement and reinforce their specific properties and to maximise their overall bio-availability.

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our range

We have created blends to provide outcomes such as nourished and energized body, balanced intestinal health, strengthened immune system or to slow aging.

essences benefits

Natural Probiotic / Improves Microbiota / Digestive System / Enhances Bioavailability / Blood Purifier / PH Levels / Anti-Depressant / Immune Boost / Natural Antibiotic / Lactic Acids / Phenolic / Antioxidant / Cell Rejuvenation / Reduces Stress / Anti-Aging / Libido

take with intention

savor your daily ritual

We encourage checking in with the body’s needs before deciding on the blend, then set your intention.

Get ready to feel better!

step 1


Close your eyes. Take a breath, ask:
how do I feel today? Do I need energy or healing?
Listen to what your body is telling you.

step 2


Decide and embrace the mood.
Select your essence.
We are all one decision away from taking control.

step 3


Hold your shot glass, set the intention, feel it, in all your senses. When ready... drink! It’s like making a wish for your birthday!

step 4


Take a couple of minutes to feel what it’s like to already be there. Intentions work best, when you connect to the emotion. Make it happen!

step 5


You are in essence, you have activated your senses, embrace the day, be amazing!

The ritual is complete.